Meet Our Team


Jenny Vaydich

Co-Principal Investigator

Associate Professor of Psychology​ and Chair of Research Psychology at Seattle Pacific University

Dr. Jenny Lee Vaydich is a clinical psychologist whose teaching and research interests are in developmental psychopathology,  bridging clinical and developmental psychology. Her research focuses on emotion socialization within the parent-child relationship and how emotion socialization impacts emotion regulation from a developmental psychopathology framework.

Her research explores parent-child relationships and parental emotion socialization during childhood and adolescence. Much of her work has focused on aggression; however, she has recently begun to explore the influence of parent-child relationships on depression and anxiety. She is also interested in the influence of culture on parental emotion socialization, as well as how parent-child relationships are associated with physiological and neuroendocrine functioning.

Dr. Vaydich teaches both clinical and developmental psychology courses, spanning childhood through adolescence. She also teaches a course focusing on child emotion regulation development.